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Why Buying RERA-Approved Projects is Important

Why Buying RERA Approved Projects is Important | JAM

Understanding the Significance of RERA Approved

RERA certificate bears supreme importance in the real estate trading scene. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority commonly known as RERA makes sure that real estate projects don’t violate the regulations and thus ensures transparency protecting home buyers. RERA approved projects are a strong indication that a project has followed the required guidelines, which assures the involved stakeholders. It also sets up a redressal system for resolving any disputes among the stakeholders. They should understand this and make decisions based on full information to invest safely in the real estate market.

What is RERA Approved Exactly Mean?

RERA (the Real Estate Regulatory Authority) was enacted by the government of India, in order to make certain that the real estate industry adheres to the rules of transparency, accountability, and efficiency. RERA approval means that the authorities have stamped the real estate projects that only meet special standards and adhere to the laws designed by the RERA authority.

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Why Investing in RERA Approved Projects Matters

The regard of purchasing property from only authorized RERA approved projects is an important matter for home buyers as it allows them to act with a sense of safety and confidence. The RERA compliance indicates that the project has obtained all authorities’ permissions, making the project fully legal under the law. RERA ensures transparency by providing the home buyers with relevant data like completion date, actual value and also inputs into the construction of the project. Overall, an investment in RERA approved projects ensures protection for the buyers by enhancing transparency in the market, which, in turn, builds trust among the house buyers, assuring them that the decision is wise.

The Benefits of Choosing RERA-Approved Projects

There are many gain features for prospective home buyers in RERA approved projects. These benefits include:

1. Quality Assurance: RERA is concerned with the construction quality, the amenities, and the infrastructure of the project, so RERA approval means that the developer follows the best standards and practices in those fields. It ensures that buyers are investing in the best-quality projects.

2. Transparency and Disclosure: RERA entails project disclosure detailing the carpet area, the completion timeline, and the price. Through transparency, the home buyers have all the power to make informed decisions and there is no chance of unfair and hidden charges.

3. Protection of Funds: One of the main benefits of investing in a RERA approved project is the creation of an independent escrow account. Developers are required to set aside the agreed-upon sum of the project funds into this trust fund. This is meant to ensure that the money is allocated for various budget lines, and not for unnecessary expenditure that would slow down the project.

4. Dispute Resolution Mechanism: Since its establishment, RERA has been a tool for dispute resolution, it comes with a procedure to address any complaints or conflicts that may arise in the process of development. The availability of an earmarked dispute settlement mechanism, in turn, allows homebuyers to solve their problems peacefully and fairly.

5. Timely Completion: The completion timeline is regulated by RERA approval under which the developers and builders are bound to adhere to all the rules and regulations. Developers must comply with the tenders and ensure the project is completed within the specified timeline. This helps to maintain the confidence of the home buyers as they don’t need to worry about project delays.

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Consequences of Buying Non-RERA Approval Property

Only those projects that are RERA approved will be protected in case of delays, bankruptcy, or legal issues, hence, those who are planning to buy without such a certificate or clearance will likely face severe drawbacks. These consequences include:

1. Lack of Legal Compliance: If the property in question was not constructed under the supervision of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, its legal documents may not meet the legal standards and bylaws in force. It may subsequently become a legal problem regarding the legality of the property.

2. Construction Delays and Non-Delivery: One main reason why buyers should avoid buying properties that are not RERA approved is that they are more likely to have construction delays. Lack of RERA supervision and regulation allows the developers an opportunity to escape in the event of delays or inability to finish the project as stated.

3. Lack of Transparency: Properties that do not have approval by the RERA often do not necessitate transparency and disclosure of information. This might create problems for the home buyers as they cannot access important information to make a wise choice regarding the property.

4. Limited Recourse for Grievances: The properties not being supervised by the RERA Act do not have a standard mode for settling complaints. So, home buyers may have complex challenges to resolve their issues in the future. It is the only authority that provides sufficient support and protection to homebuyers.

5. Financial Risks: Consequently, non-RERA authorized projects entail financial risk to the buyers. The operators are not required to keep the client’s funds in a separate escrow account, hence increasing the risk of misuse of funds.

How RERA Approval Protects Homebuyers

RERA plays a very important role in protecting the interests of home buyers. The developers are required to adhere to strict rules and regulations to ensure minimized risk of fraud for home buyers.

Likewise, RERA establishes a channel to resolve conflict throughout the entire process. It also enables the settlement of conflicts quicker and with fewer financial obligations without the courts needing to intervene, hence saving time, resources and money.

Besides, RERA has measures that protect funds by depositing a certain share of project funds into a separate escrow account. This means that the money that is spared for the project is fully utilized for the completion of the venture rather than running the risk of diverting the money.

Besides, RERA approval enhances transparency as the builder and developer are directed to reveal upfront the project details, carpet areas, time of completion and price. With RERA approved properties, scheduled visits and comprehensive property management services across Bangalore, Jones Asset Management is the best local real estate company for your property needs.


1. What does it mean for a project to be RERA approved?

RERA approved means that the projects have adhered to strict guidelines and meet necessary regulations and offer transparency and protection to homebuyers.

2. How can I verify if a project is RERA approved?

To verify if the property is RERA approved, you can check the state’s official website of RERA authority and check the registration details.

3. What advantages do homebuyers get from choosing RERA approval projects?

Home buyers have various benefits like a transparent process, protection against fraud, timely delivery and a standard dispute resolution system. All these benefits ensure that homebuyers have a better experience when investing in real estate.

4. What risks are associated with buying a property that is not RERA approved?

Homebuyers have to deal with delays in project completion, more chances of fraud, hidden prices, complex dispute resolution processes, low-quality projects and lack of transparency by buying a property that is not RERA approved.

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