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Top Bedroom Wall Design Ideas

Top Bedroom Wall Design Ideas | JAM

Top Bedroom Wall Design Ideas:

The bedroom is the last room one visits each day before getting a good night’s sleep, and the ideal vibe and ambiance set a sense of calm and peace within the resident. Every aspect of the bedroom contributes equally towards setting an environment of tranquility, including the colors, surface area, arrangement of furniture, and wall paint design, which we shall be exploring further.

image of a well furnished bedroom | JAM

Setting the Tone: Importance of Bedroom Wall Design:

Underestimating the impact of a bedroom wall design is an error, as its aftereffects come to life within a short period, setting a sour mood within the person. Hence, it is important to implement a design that is appealing to the eyes and other senses, as well as expressing the emotions and thoughts of the resident.

Exploring Trends in Bedroom Wall Design:

The ideal bedroom wall consists of designs that are the result of the unique amalgamation of the inhabitant’s thoughts and emotions. There are several options such as nostalgic wallpaper, make-a-slat walls, oversized artwork, and colorful ceilings, that can elevate the bedroom’s overall aesthetic and make resting an even more unique and soothing experience.

Choosing the Right Bedroom Wall Design:

The right bedroom wall design needs to be conceptualized with a fine understanding of the resident’s tastes, color preferences, design choices, size, shape, and design of the bedroom, and other factors. As we go through this blog, several suggestions have been recommended to give you an idea of implementing the perfect bedroom wall decor:

Color Palette Selection for Bedroom Walls:

Based on the room’s setup and style, one can go for more traditional colors such as navy, lavender, and burgundy, or a more bright and modern ambiance, white, grey, and beige can be the ideal companions. In addition, white and grey widen the bedroom from a perspective standpoint, creating a peaceful and clean ambiance.

Texture and Material Options: Bedroom Wall Tiles Design:

The current era is witnessing more residences applying tiles to their bedroom walls and floors. One must pick tiles that fit their theme and match the room’s aesthetics. Certain options that fit the role include wooden and marble effect ceramic tiles, and porcelain tiles, as these materials are durable and moisture-resistant, and the textures add a layer of sophistication.

Adding Artistic Flair: Bedroom Wall Stencils Design:

Bedroom wall stencils design help one to explore their interests by adding a unique touch to their personal space. In addition, the stencils can be used repeatedly to create a never-seen-before pattern, and with floral and traditional motifs, one can add a layer of luxury.

image of a decorated bedroom wall | JAM

Creative Bedroom Wall Design Ideas:

Wall stencils are just one outlet for expressing one’s beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, as other art forms such as graffiti, metal wall art, classic canvas art, posters, macrame, and traditional wall art. Sometimes, these art forms are also combined to form a unique message and highlight the individual’s creativity.

Accent Walls: Focal Points in the Bedroom:

Focal Points are a separate entity in wall design ideas, as they generally can vary in size while serving the common purpose of drawing attention and raising a sense of visual interest. Accent walls are its wall-sized versions, as only one wall in a room is painted vastly different from the others with materials such as wood, paint, tiles, or even wallpapers. A tip is to choose a shade that complements the other walls and also adds depth to the bedroom accent wall.

Wallpaper Magic: Patterns and Textures:

Wallpapers are all about applying sheets of patterns and textures on a wall to add layers to one’s bedroom. Small-sized patterns generate the perception of spaciousness while large-sized patterns make rooms feel more animated. Polka dots and motifs that are more open and regularly space add a fun and bright vibe, while grass cloth stands as a tried-and-tested pattern that maintains peace and a moody vibe.

DIY Wall Art: Personalised Touches:

A creative method of adding a personalized touch while showing off one’s artistic abilities is to paste lines of tape, forming a unique geometric pattern. It can also look like blocks of wall falling apart with a 3D effect. Other ideas include graffiti, stencil art, and traditional art walls like Warli, which can be painted on their own or combined to form a unique piece of artwork.

image of a man painting mural in bedroom | JAM

Mural Masterpieces: Bringing Walls to Life:

Mural wall art brings walls as well as artists to life with its larger-than-life illustration of one’s inspirations, thoughts, emotions, and ideas. Floral, traditional, portrait, nature, animal, or any significant historical and scientific events are generally painted upon walls and can be found everywhere. This adds a level of intrigue and fascination to the room.

Bedroom Wall Design Inspirations by Style:

A bedroom wall design conveys more than ideas, inspirations, emotions, and thoughts. It can also be leveraged to express a certain lifestyle with the right colors, designs, furniture, and overall room setup.

Modern and Minimalist Bedroom Wall Designs:

Modern and Minimalist bedroom wall designs require clean and clear lines, simplified furniture, soft textures to add comfort and slightly soft lighting. The color palette should be limited to a set of similar shades or those that complement each other and yet add contrast.

Rustic and Cozy Bedroom Wall Designs:

The rustic and cozy design generally utilizes wood to furnish walls and ceilings. The design includes lots of texture, heavy tones, and handmade elements, and the minimal addition of tech elevates the look. Animal-inspired textures and industrial hardware add a layer of natural feel, and colors such as muted greens, browns, and greys add flavor.

Glamorous and Luxurious Bedroom Wall Designs:

A feeling of royalty can be added to bedroom wall designs with traditional wall art motifs, repetition of floral motifs, animal-based artwork, and historical mural paintings. In addition, layered bedding, plush area rugs, and textured designs add a layer of luxurious comfort. Colours such as purple, violet, gold, silver, and materials like silk, velvet, and faux add a layer of royal sophistication.

image of a bedroom wall with a bookshelf | JAM

Functional Bedroom Wall Design Ideas:

Bedroom wall designs aren’t limited to just paintings, stencils, and wallpapers. They can also be lighting, placement, or insertion of shelves and other furniture and props that can add a vibe of nostalgia or modernity.

Storage Solutions: Shelving and Built-ins:

Shelves are essential for bedrooms, as they are utilized to store necessities and other items. In addition, they can elevate a bedroom’s look with its shape, pattern, and color combination. Ideally, it is better to first arrange the larger items followed by small-sized props on the shelves, as it properly fills out the space and also makes the room appear more interesting.

Headboard Alternatives: Creative Bed Backdrops:

Bedroom headboards are sort of an underrated prop that can be a focal point with the right pattern and color. For those with platform beds, the wall behind can rightfully act as a headboard. Alternatives to headboards include metal wall art, wood wall art, any piece of art, or even a set of curtains.

Lighting Effects: Enhancing Ambiance:

An ideal way to achieve the ideal ambient lighting is to utilize ceiling fixtures such as chandeliers and pendant lights, and portable sources of light such as lamps. The right lighting sets a cozy mood, relaxing one’s agitated sense and leading to a better quality of rest/sleep.

people doing wall decoration in bedroom | JAM

Tips for Implementing Bedroom Wall Design Ideas:

Decorating a bedroom wall requires more than just ideas and inspiration: they requires coordination and proper planning to ensure the best results come out. Here are a few suggestions to implement so the results are perfect.

Planning Your Layout and Color Scheme:

The ideal bedroom layout and color scheme need to be correctly implemented, as they serve as the foundation of painting or inserting one’s thoughts and inspirations with the right aesthetic.

Incorporating Personal Style and Preferences:

There are several art themes to choose from: minimalist, nature-based, maximalism, rustic, techcore, and others. Depending on one’s style, the ideal bedroom wall design can be created based on these themes, or if necessary, these themes can be combined to explore more designs that blend in well with the overall interiors.

Making the Most of Small Bedroom Spaces:

Small bedroom spaces benefit the most from light colors and bright light, as they make the room look more spacious from the inside, and also provide a warm and bright feeling. Decluttering the room is also a key player in drawing more attention to the bedroom wall design.

image of a person maintaining the bedroom design | JAM

Maintaining and Updating Bedroom Wall Designs;

Everything requires care and maintenance to ensure their longevity and similar appearance maintenance over time, and bedroom wall designs are no exception. Here are some tips to maintain and extend the design’s freshness:

Cleaning and Care Tips for Different Wall Materials:

A pro tip is to immediately wipe off stains, spots, and scuff marks with a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Using a sponge ensures the design is unharmed while eliminating the dirt, and after wiping it with water, rub away the excess water with a dry sponge/soft cloth.

Seasonal Refresh Ideas: Changing Wall Decor:

Updating wall decor breathes a new life into your space. Swapping out artwork, adding seasonal garlands and other props, incorporating removable wallpapers for a speedy and efficient transformation, and just making the best of everything around you can be done. Seasonal colors and motifs are a savior, as they can reflect the outside environment with vibrant florals, intriguing animal motifs, or even weather-based textures.

Incorporating Trends: Keeping Your Bedroom Wall Design Fresh:

Integrating current trends with one’s twist not only keeps the interiors fresh but also stands out in originality and authenticity. Geometrical-patterned plants combined with minimalist gallery walls can give a dystopian look if mixed with the right metallic finishes. Overall, it keeps one’s bedroom walls fresh and updated.


What looks good on a bedroom wall?

Paintings, motifs, wallpapers, ceiling lights, patterned rugs, and a combination of these elements ideally elevate a bedroom wall.

How to design bedroom walls?

Some of the methods include stencil art, wallpapers, re-designing bedroom headboards, and optimizing lighting solutions to add a layer of warmth and comfort.

What wall decor is good for the bedroom?

It depends on the person’s taste and preferences, the bedroom layout, and the overall aesthetic appearance.

How to create a luxurious bedroom?

Layered bedding, plush area rugs, and textured designs add a layer of luxurious comfort. Colors such as purple, violet, gold, silver, and materials like silk, velvet, and faux add a layer of royal sophistication.

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