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Vastu Colors for Home: Enhancing Positivity


Exploring Vastu Colors for Home for Positive Environment

In Indian traditional culture, the idea of Vastu Shastra is a very well-known and followed topic in the construction of properties. Vastu Shastra stands as an old science that aims to generate a positive and pleasing living space by studying natural energies. Vastu not only comprises the direction of the entrances, the interior, the cross layout, and the placement arrangements but colors are also among the significant elements.


H2: Vastu Colors for Home: Enhancing Positivity

It is believed that colors have the power to affect our emotions, moods, or overall sense of wellness. As per Vastu Shastra, each color is related to different components and energies and using suitable combinations of colors in the different spaces of your house will help in creating a beautiful, pleasant and healthy home.

Image of living room with green elements | JAM

For example, greenery symbolizes harmony and wealth, so they are great for living rooms and gardens. Selecting the right colors as per Vastu Shastra guidelines will bring in good vibes which will lead to a more peaceful and pleasant atmosphere.


Journey Into Tranquility: Understanding the Significance of Vastu Shastra for Home Colors

Vastu Shastra stresses the significance of colors, as they enhance the flow of energy into a home. The tone of the room reflects an element depending on the colors used. For instance, the passion of red and sudden emotions caused by orange represent what fire looks like, while yellow and brown represent the stability and peace of the earth’s properties. Blue colors, which emulate the water element, give a soothing feel, whereas green, which is the air element, is used to indicate revitalization. Subsequently, the white and light pastel shades symbolize the elements of space and convey the meaning of purity, cleanliness, and clarity.


Unlocking Harmony: Vastu Shastra Color Tips for Home

According to Vastu Shastra, the colors used in one room might not be the same for another one. Certain guidelines should be followed to bring out peace and calmness in each room of your home. Here are the recommended colors for different rooms:


1. Kitchen: Pick lively colors like orange, red, yellow, or pink to boost positive energy in the kitchen area and stimulate the appetite. Stay away from using colors like black and gray in your kitchen.

Image of kitchen with yellow accents | JAM

2. Bedroom: To create a peaceful bedroom ambiance, you may decorate your bedroom using light shades of blue, green, or pink. These calming colors can help in lowering stress and improving restful sleep. It is recommended to avoid using bright colors which are too stimulating for a bedroom.

Image of bedroom with light blue walls | JAM

3. Living Room: Get the living room space nicely arranged, in such a way that it creates harmony and is welcoming with colors like yellow, blue, or green. Implement the use of these colors on walls, furniture, or pillows. Use light and bright colors otherwise, you may end up with an enclosed and uninviting space.

Image of living room with light green furniture | JAM

4. Pooja Room: Facilitate divinity and sanctity while you worship by opting for white as the main color. In addition, pastel shades of yellow, blue, or pink might be thought of to create a peaceful and intimate feel. Stay away from using dark colors in this room to maintain a peaceful atmosphere for prayers and meditations.

Image of pooja room with white walls | JAM

Choosing Color as per Vastu Shastra

Here are some colors you can consider when choosing colors as per Vastu Shastra:

1. Blue for calmness: The blue color is the most suitable for the living room, to create a peaceful atmosphere. Try incorporating it into modern upholstery fabric or as accent pieces.

2. Green for healing: The shades of green promote growth and healing process. Consistently add fresh touches of green via décor and pots to foster a peaceful atmosphere.

3. Yellow for optimism and wealth: Yellow is a symbol of optimism and prosperity since it is connected to happiness and openness. You can make use of this color on your ceiling or elements on accent walls.

4. Beige for relaxation: Beige is a color that is versatile and neutral and helps in promoting a relaxed environment. This color reduces the tension levels and provides a comforting space. This color can be used in window drapes, and carpets, or by changing sofa covers to lighten up your living room.

5. Tan for humility and happiness: Being an earthy tone, tan color can be used to boost a grounded environment. It is not heavy on the eyes and incorporating it into your living room creates an atmosphere for meaningful talks.


Optimizing Energy Flow: Vastu Shastra for Home Colors

Using colors with adherence to Vastu principles will suit the physical and spiritual needs of inhabitants. As a result, the flow of positive energy will be boosted. Having a place where you are physically, mentally and spiritually secure can be achieved through the choice of colors you use in your home.

Color can be manipulated in order to highlight a specific part of the house, achieve a fine balance between different components, and introduce the desired mood. They can also be incorporated together with suitable furnishings and decor, you can also add lighting and create a perfect atmosphere and elevate the entire aesthetic appeal.

When the energy flow inside your home is positive it can have an enormous impact on the overall life quality, which can be reflected in people’s positive emotions, harmony of the relations, and wellness.


Revitalizing Interiors: Integrating Color as per Vastu Guidelines

Incorporating vastu colors in your home does not mean that you should confine yourself to painting the walls. Here are a few ways you can include vastu colors in your home:

1. Soft furnishings: Apply vastu colors for the home via curtains, rugs, cushions, and bed linen. These soft furnishings can be just the right type of elements to give you a successful blend of colors and a well-balanced atmosphere.

Image of light pink curtains in living room light yellow cushions | JAM

2. Decorative elements: Art pieces, vases and other decorative pieces can be used to add vastu colors to your place. These elements provide you with a modern way to add colors and boost the flow of positive energy.

Image ofbedroom with subtle art pieces white vases with flowers | JAM

3. Plant life: Add greenery to your home by introducing houseplants. They need no further justification because their presence adds a touch of natural colors which signify growth and balance according to vastu Shastra.

Image of hall with plants | JAM

4. Lighting fixtures: Not only for the aesthetic aspect, but the lighting you choose should also create a harmonious ambiance using the set of colors recommended by Vastu Shastra. They can create an inviting environment and also soothe the mood of the inhabitants.

Image of dining area with subtle lighting | JAM

Create Your Ideal Haven: Final Reflections on Vastu Colors for Home Harmony

Vastu colors for homes can greatly contribute to the feeling of peace and well-being throughout the house. Through colors that are linked to natural elements, you may boost the flow of positive energy in your home. Know that Vastu recommendations are not strict or style-specific, however, the final choices should be yours and should reflect your personal preferences. It is said that colors have long-lasting effects on both mental and physical health. Embrace vastu colors to create a calm and peaceful home environment. To find your perfect home in Bangalore, consult the best real estate company, Jones Asset Management.



  1. What are Vastu colors for home, and why are they important?

Yellow, red, orange, pink, green and blue are some vastu colors for home. Incorporating vastu colors into your home will help boost positive energy flow, and create a calm and peaceful environment.

  1. What is the significance of Vastu Shastra for home colors?

Vastu Shastra signifies the importance of home colors as it has long-lasting effects on your mental and physical health. It creates a peaceful home environment, provides stability and enhances positive energy flow in your home.

  1. How can I integrate Vastu colors for my home into my existing decor?

To incorporate vastu colors into your home decor, try adding colors to your curtains, rugs, cushions, statement pieces, accent walls, through plants and lights.

  1. Can Vastu colors for home impact my mental and emotional well-being?

Yes, colors tend to impact an individual’s mental and emotional well-being. Using pastel colors, blue, green, yellow, white and tan can ensure a peaceful environment. To ensure a calm and soothing atmosphere, try incorporating these colors into your home.

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