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2 BHK Interior Design Ideas

2 BHK Interior Design Ideas | JAM

2 BHK Interior Design Ideas:

When it comes to 2 bhk interior design, an ideal way is to use pieces of furniture that can serve different functions, paint the walls and ceilings in light colors, and install mirrors. Make use of smart storage options, and ensure that vertical space is very well utilized. Picking a unifying concept such as the minimalistic or the contemporary style and then individualizing the space with artwork and accessories. It is recommended to have different plants for a change and also adequate lighting for the best experience.

2 BHK Design for Hall:

Choose the calm shades of the color to make the hall look as large as possible. Some of the pieces of furniture to use are sofas and chairs and then include a coffee table as well. Propose to have a television unit with storage space. So, incorporate area rugs to create sections and install the art on the walls as per one’s preference. Make sure the ceiling lights and perhaps the floor lamps are adequate.

2 BHK Interior Design Ideas | JAM

2 BHK Design for Bedroom:

Select a tone that is serene and uses light shades of colors. The furniture should comprise a good bed with drawers, bedside tables, and a wardrobe. Take advantage of the under-bed space as additional storage space. It is necessary to put a reading nook with a chair for reading and a small table for a cup of coffee. To regulate light and sleep, use blackout curtains for your windows and bring some of your photos or artwork to hang on the walls.

2 BHK Design for Kitchen:

Choose the best design type for your kitchen, which is a modular one with adequate storage design. To expand the feeling of space, paint the cabinets in light colors. It is recommended to combine both the accessories of open shelves and the necessity of closed cabinets. On this note, proper lighting of the kitchen area should be observed with under-cabinet lights being considered crucial.

2 BHK Design for Bathroom:

Paint your interior walls and ceilings white or light-colored to add more space to your home. One should add a large mirror to improve the design of the area. Use shelves on the wall to avoid congesting the floor space. For the shower area, it is recommended to use glass partitions. Adequate and proper flow of air and light is needed. Bring some green into the house through small plants and ensure that the fixtures and fittings are made from waterproof materials.

2 BHK Design for Balconies:

Arrange a comfortable sitting place, where people can sit even during bad weather. Bring some plants in so that it will have the feel of a small garden. Outdoor furniture should be used and include things such as outdoor rugs and cushions. Place a small table for eating, or doing any of your office tasks. For more light, better use string lights for that antique look or use a lantern if you want more focused illumination.

2 BHK Interior Design Ideas | JAM

Understanding the 2 BHK Interior Design Cost:

The cost of designing a 2 BHK in India differs depending on the extent of the project, the type of material, and the area of the project. The simplest designs follow basic layouts with minimal changes to common forms and features typically cost around ₹3.5 lakh to ₹ 7 lakh. For mid-range designs that include quality materials, with some customization of furniture and other additions will cost between ₹7 lakh to ₹14 lakh. Kitchens with more elaborate designs combined with the use of higher-end materials and more customization over ₹14 lakh. Again one needs to get price quotations from designers and contractors many of whom are locally based in order to have the breakdown of costs and most importantly know what is in the price tag.

Tips for Choosing 2 BHK Interior Design :

Make a lifestyle and choice preferences decision on the range of designs when choosing a dressing table set. Stress practicality and organization. Select a united theme to help make the clothes be in harmony. Choose light shades of grey for the room to get a feeling of openness. Personalize by making a change in decor and accessories of the given room.

Theme Ideas:

Select from a variety of themes such as modern minimalist emphasizing simplicity and functionality, contemporary that incorporates clean lines and combinations of textures, Scandinavian with its light, openness, and addition of natural materials and boho with its elaborate use of patterns, colors, and textures or industrial which incorporates raw materials and roughness.

2 BHK Interior Design Ideas | JAM

Color Designs:

White, pastel, and light shades of brown such as off-white, biscuit, and light grey make the rooms look larger. Introduce a few splashes of bold coloring as to break the monotonous setup and provide intrigue; use bold-colored walls, cushions, and furniture. Light pastel colors are very suitable for bedrooms or any station where people are required to take a rest. It is advisable to incorporate darker colors selectively on walls or furniture to achieve contrast and personality.

Customised Furniture:

Furnishing that is fitted to the homes or offices in consideration of the available space eliminates anything redundant or an eye sore. Think about the furniture that has versatility for its use, for example, a storage bed, a modular sofa, or a foldable dining table. Fitted furniture is more efficient regarding space utilization, particularly concerning apartments having limited square footage; it also permits the selection of specific types of wood in addition to finishes.


The organization of the home largely relies on proper storage that would help minimize clutter. Use furniture that has built-in storage such as closets and cabinets to optimize the use of the wall height. Utilize under-bed space, vertical and wall space, and storage furniture that has concealed storage space. Many clients have unique requirements that professional storage can meet and effectively utilize space in unusual areas.

2 BHK Interior Design Ideas | JAM

 Avoid Clutter:

The option of functionality also maintains minimal encumbrance and results in an uncluttered and airy space. Organize your home items well by storage and ensure they are out of sight most of the time to minimize eye-sore. Perform deep cleaning and disposal of items that are no longer useful from time to time. Square-shaped furniture must also be adopted to avoid cluttering the room with many accessories.

Factors that Influence the Interior Cost for 2 BHK:

Various aspects influence the price of the interior design of a 2 BHK apartment. They include the size of the space, the extent of work to be done, the design concept to be implemented, and the degree of intricacy of designs and finishing.

Space Size:

The 2 BHK apartment’s size directly impacts the overall price you pay. Larger spaces consume many materials and furniture, and more labor work, thus increasing the costs. In small areas, the need to fit facilities that will enhance efficiency may mean having to change the dimensions and configuration of the space hence affecting the budget.

 Scope of Work:

The type and level of modifications and redesign are factors that influence the cost. Minor refurbishing works such as painting and furniture replacement are far cheaper than major refurbishing works which may require structural or new installations or specialized designs. The level of work should also be taken into account, it can be simple painting or more serious operations like renovation.

2 BHK Interior Design Ideas | JAM

Design Style:

The chosen design style even affects the budget greatly. Sophisticated and elegant styles always entail the use of expensive fabrics, complex patterns, and superior workmanship which are costly. More elegant designs or designs that are elaborate can take considerably more money to put into practice. The design style affects both the material and labor in the extent of complication in the style used.

Customization and Details:

Special designs, or other forms of decorative work, also contribute to the costs. Custom furniture, custom cabinets, and specific textures and designs demand different procedures and the formation of exclusive parts; therefore, costs are higher. Customization of the product makes the overall balance between a reasonable price and the required characteristics while meeting all the requirements.

Scope of Work:

The location of your property regulates the costs of labor and materials. Cities, especially large cities, have higher costs because there is a higher demand for housing availability of skilled workers, and superior materials. You should also consider the differences in pricing structure depending on your area when planning your interior design budget. Make sure to get accurate quotes and find out what is and isn’t included in a bid to avoid extra charges.


1. What does 2 BHK interior design include?

2 BHK interior design entails proposing the layout of the apartment, choosing furniture that best fits the room, deciding on the colors to be used, lighting, and location of the decorative items in an area that has two bedrooms.

2. How to Organize a 2 BHK Flat?

Find out which 2 BHK flat can be arranged in a better manner by adding the built-in solutions and multi-functional furniture, avoiding clutter, and using each corner to the optimum of its capacity. Designate vertical storage areas for the items and ensure that the more frequently used ones are easy to access yet the storage is neat.

3. What is the cost of a 2 BHK Interior Design?

Pricing for a 2 BHK interior design in India varies greatly. All the basic designs may cost from ₹3. An affordable design may range between ₹5 lakhs and ₹10 lakhs for regular range designs, for mid-range designs with good quality material, they come between ₹7 lakhs to ₹14 lakhs, and for luxurious designs that can even go above ₹14 lakhs for customization and location.

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